Our mission is to convert business relationships into human partnerships by providing our clients with the best possible mix of products and services.
We strive to empathize with our clients by stepping into their shoes and looking at business through their eyes. 


Since the company's inception in 1985, in the vicinity of Saudi Arabia's commercial city Dhahran, we have been expanding our business range and exploring new opportunities around the Mid-East & South East-Asia.

We are successfully managing and dealing with top of the line local and foreign companies providing them the best possible products and services, preserving the "as is" quality of their desired product along with on time deliveries.

Dar Al Awabeen Trading Establishment was established to fulfill customer requirements from both public and private sectors. Our staff has extensive experience with the requirements of these sectors and we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, reliability and speed. We bring diverse resources and services to your door.

Our goal is to serve the Oil & Gas Industry and both public and private contracting/maintenance projects through out the region. We have established links with numerous manufacturers around the world who make or produce some of the best products in the present time. We are committed to quality, time and cost-effective services.



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